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Default Path of the Mirror Teleseminar

Some news from Center for Sacred Studies including their latest teleseminar with Amaru Qosco (Roberto A. Restrepo)

Amaru Qosco (Roberto A. Restrepo) is a researcher of the original cultures and peoples of the Americas. His work is carried out with support of institutions like UNESCO, as well as Colombian and foreign universities. He is currently working with UNESCO PHI-LAC as the coordinator of the ACHALC Water and Culture Programs for Latin America and the Caribbean. He has spent various periods of time with indigenous communities all across the continent, and for years has conducted research in the important archaeological sites. He has published many documentary films and books, including the Trilogy of Knowledge, with UNESCO. His field of knowledge centers on the cosmovision, thought and culture of the original peoples of the Americas.


"Sometimes you think you've lived before, all that you live today. Things do come back to you as though they knew the way. Oh, the tricks your mind can play." - Lorenz Hart
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