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Smile what do we choose?

Yes, all this tech stuff of today, it is a dilemma, It is all welcome and great, but we are using the wrong energy! Also, our educational system does very little or nothing to do the "right" thing? With all the choices and possibility of the today, no wonder we are lost in the "noise" of it all... But then! We have our inner Self and our Heart that was and IS here and now, to tune-in and just be... in the midst of it all, KNOW that only reality is I, the I with the ONE that is. And the rest is a play and the building blocks of the matter? Nothing can harm that I except I ... It is all up to our belief system. It really is! I watched some shows and programs where this people drink or handle a poison that does no harm to them, cause, they believe "it is no harmful"! The book "a course in miracles" say that our intention and belief system combination literary move mountains, if that is our intention!
Think about it, and choose wisely... have courage, now days we do have a choice most of the time
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