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Thanking you all for your loving healing energies sent our way....

We are going through some very interesting experiences of learning and growing through this journey. Each day lends it's light in some way. I have to be ever vigilant to be open to each day's renderings. I find myself getting caught up in the details and stressing over that. A whistle then blows in my mind to get my attention to back up, back off and regroup and settle down into acceptance once again, realizing once again - I am not in control of this ordeal. I am simply a participant and it is my responsibility to be the best I can be in this situation. So, I relent my need to control and oh how much better my life becomes then and I can simply enjoy the company of my son. It never ends, the lessons.

And, in each day, I am grateful for right where I am. I am grateful for the love. I have come to know that the purpose of this existence is to know love fully and to be fully loving.


Life Is Opportunity
Imagination - the Beginning of Creation
Life is Good
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