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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant was smiling as she brought herself into this day.
There was something particular on her mind that she wished to find.
And she sought to do that in her renderings of her thoughts in a way
That would draw all together in a definition of a conscious awakening.

Having witnessed from above a great deal of stress and strife
Among the nations that she oversaw, she then paused to identify.
That the particulars were no longer hidden but brought to the light of day.
In this, she gloried for that was a big step in the unveiling of the truth.

She watched as the turmoil seemed to escalate within every day.
And yet she knew this was exactly what was needed to be revealed.
So, that the cleansing could begin to take place.
And a new beginning would commence to fill the space.

So, one by one, she watched as the targets came to the surface.
And she found that, with each one, another was yet to be revealed.
It was like a chain reaction, one going down and then another.
Until all the negative was exposed and done with.

And then she drew in a deep breath.
It was time to rebuild again.
Happy was she to be within this time.
Knowing that her purpose was to see it complete.

Love you,
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