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Hi Freesia,
Thanks for your reply. I was thinking this and I think that BECAUSE emotion is the energy of movement, it is often USED, to move people, to react. Warnings can be used, to induce emotion so that people move in an intended direction. Sometimes, this can be a good thing. It all depends upon "intent." If someone is about to be clobbered by a falling rock, a powerful and expedient warning is well, intended. If "the British are coming" with the intent to slaughter the occupants of a town or village, a warning of impending disaster is, in my opinion, a positive and appropriate, act of intent for those people to react.

I think we often, separate the idea of reaction, from the idea of reaction with thought, or training. Like A pilot trains for emergency situations, so that he can act quickly and without emotion, but also, without thought. Our subconscious is able to take over, instantly and it performs, automatically.

For many years, I studied a psychology called, HUNA. It is a study of the 3 selves of man, much like you mentioned. The difference is in the view of the 3 selves. What you call the "Lizard" brain, HUNA identifies as the Subconscious. In Hawaiian, it is called "Unihipili." (OO-NEE-HIP-PEELEE) Sometime we call it the "low self," or "the little self," because it is like a child. It has no language, but understands desire and emotion. It holds all of our personal mana (energy) and loves to please us and will take direct orders, when we make the right connection. Unihipili takes care of all our bodily functions, without concentrated thought. When we learn, by repetition, training, or muscle memory, we can react in an instant and without conscious thought. If I forget where I put something, I ask my Unihipili to show me where it is.... and usually, within seconds, or minutes, I remember where the item is, or I "happen upon it." (and yes, trust is involved)

Our conscious self, Uhane (OO-HAW-NAY), is the part of self that uses conscious thought and deduction. This is the part of us that observes, recognizes and realizes.

The Third self, is our Aumakua (OW-MAH-COO-AH). This is our high self, or Superconscious. The part of us that is connected to our creator and all that is.

HUNA teaches that if we wish to be in contact, or communion with God, we must be connected on all three levels. Unihipili makes this connection for the conscious self.

Man is made up of 3 selves, just like the Holy Trinity is 3 Gods in One.....

AUMAKUA: The Father, Creator, Soul
UHANE: The body, Son Of God, physical
UNIHIPILI: The Holy Spirit, mover, emotion

Oh...... I hope you don't mind my interpretation.... it just, all, came flooding back and I look forward to more of your thoughts.

Highest blessings,
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