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One silver lining about coming home from vacation in the mountains near Santa Fe and returning to the daily grind (my daily dharma practice) of the legal office life is catching up with IE Radio on the commute into the office.

This latest interview was great, and I could follow it a bit better than the previous week with Dr. Close's associate.

Much of the interview reminded me of the book called The Quantum and the Lotus. Have any of you read that? It is basically a conversation between a Buddhist monk (born and raised in the US and educated as a biologist) named Matthieu Ricard and a quantum physicist (born and raised as a Buddhist) named Trinh Xuan Thuan. Fascinating. I am inclined to give it another read now.

I also loved and so appreciated Dr. Close's reference to Rumi during the conversation. That always wins my heart anytime.

Namaste from (back in) the Midwest,
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