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Hi Moon,

You are right about warnings and being able to ‘think’ about what to do.

It turns out that there’s three parts to our brains. The oldest, instinctual (lizard) brain is what notices a warning – flashing lights; some sound, an idea – and so on.

Normally, ideally, this warning bypasses the emotional brain (the emotional brain was the second part of the brain to develop) and ends up in the prefrontal cortex (the newest part) – the thinking brain.

So yes, ideally humans will get a warning and then ‘think’ – ‘what can I do?’, ‘what does this mean’, ‘how does this affect me’ and so on.

I keep using the term ideally because it turns out that when a person is stressed the bypass that existed and fed warnings into the thinking brain shifts and the warnings go right into the emotional brain.

The stress that causes this can be emotional, physical or psychological. It turns out, too, that EMF radiation – whether from solar flares, computers, television, cellphones, you name it – that causes stress and the same shift occurs.

In these circumstances, whether they rant and rave or respond quietly, when people get a warning it’s the emotional part of the brain that’s lighting up and being used to act or create the decisions that are made.

If you think about how we all can get ‘testy’ when we’re stressed or tired – more emotional, less rational or willing to compromise and then when we feel better we have different responses - this shift is probably something we can all easily relate to.

You asked – ‘So, are you saying that all forms of warnings motivate fear and so should not be used?’

If we want to simply create teams and be lower level energy political, then having an emotional response as happens with the warnings during times of stress is fine – it will actually support team building because emotional reactions do just that.

But if we want to raise the vibrations and allow for a bit more of that ‘Holy Spirit’ to enter the world and help people free themselves from enslavement (permanently) then we have to allow for them to be truly understanding.

Which means, during stressful times, to recognize that anything that triggers that emotional reaction is divisive because it causes people to react and creates teams – people fall back into the positions they know; they dismiss important information and that keeps things the way they are.

It seems self-sabotaging then if people use the warnings technique at the moment.
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