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Hi there,
I hope you are having a good time - still
You might be interested in that whole Buddhist saying. It goes something like this:

"Hey! . . . Were you talking about Old Buddha? Why, . . . Old Buddha is no Buddha. Real Buddha is a fish just netted, leaping and jumping."

So, the dharma is not something or someone that happened or said something in the past. The real dharma practice is whatever comes into our net--our practice, our life--at each and every moment. The moment, the now is the perfect teacher.

What do you think?

In terms of now being the perfect teacher - I wonder if there's a difference between what can be learned if there is a concept of enlightenment (however it's understood - Christ Consciousness; higher self; idealism etc) - and if there is no such concept.

In the first instance, the 'now' would provide the experiences and so lead to a particular kind of learning and in the other, it would lead to another -

I suppose both experiences of 'learning' could lead a person to enlightenment and also away from it - but I think that I agree with plato - I think it was plato - there's something more when you 'know' - ie if you know you can learn and it's in the context of a greater whole - then what you can learn could be greater -

Though I could be biased!

How's that for both answering, and not really answering a question not done on purpose, I assure you!

"I and all beings simultaneously realize the Way." I like that. I and all beings simultaneously realize the Way. All that is reality happens simultaneously, eh? . . . Huh? . . .

LOL I love it - you are so full of quotations - I always wanted to be able to quote cool things!

That idea of all that is reality happens at the same time - is that meaning all lifetimes or just that we all exist in this time at the same time - and so it's like most profound things there's an aspect of - 'well, duh!' if you get down to it - yes it's all happening now - when else would it be? Pass the potato chips! (I know - there is a more profound level than this! I'm teasing - which may not go over well - it's a bad habit - forgive me!)

Sitchin might say the Nefelim/Anunnaki/etc. had something to do with those memory lapses?

I'm just starting in on the 12th planet - I will go back and look at your posts and respond as I know what the heck he's on about! On first glance, that seems a rather depressing idea - but then when I read your subsequent comment about the Annunaki -

I don't know if Sitchin would say Ennki or Enlil (I cannot now recall which had/has the affinity towards humans and ultimately granted the knowledge of agriculture, etc.) wanted us to advance any. I think much of his theories is that we were just supposed to dig the gold from the gold mines and have no aspirations for higher intelligence or knowing god. We were a grand compromise between the gods and the Anunnaki who were fed up with doing all the grunt work--the first collectively bargained agreement!

I thought it was very interesting because I'd just been reading about myths - how people created oral stories and passed them down - some were real events and some were based on real events and others were about themes that societies felt were important to remember. Morality and value things, I suppose. Meaning of life. That sort of thing - and these could be purely allegorical.

I wondered when you described the situation as you did - 'first collectively bargained agreement' - how could we know that this wasn't about an idea being passed down?

The little bit I've looked into this story I did from an historical perspective first (I studied history and english so it was a natural direction for me to take, I suppose) - and I never realized that 3000 BC was a time where there was environmental degradation in the middle east - they were chopping down all sorts of huge, ancient trees - and I know that 3000 BC is just when the story started to be put down - so I wondered - what was going on even before that that I didn't know about.

Do you know any of Frank Joseph's work? He's got some very interesting ideas of ancient prehistory - Even outside of these alternative works though, historians have found things like a shirt in Eastern Europe that is 30,000 years old that is so finely woven it's like a Brooks Brother's shirt.

Some people say that's a sign we had aliens telling people how to do things but I wonder if it's not more comfortable to believe that then to know that we may have been at the level of ability we are at now - even higher and we somehow screwed it up in ways that we could be doing again.

I think that's actually what Cayce would be saying in terms of Atlantis.

Anyway, not to wander too far around - I'll stop - and read some more and look back on your posts/questions.

Oh, haha - I did also wonder, "Norma Rae", if you weren't projecting into the story re: collective barganing just a little bit - I'll let you know when I've read more.

How do you balance your watery Pisces and airy (I presume your dosha is likely Vatta) qualities? I think Yoga, again, could help really ground that vatta-ness. Obviously, any grounding pose--and even inversions like headstands--will get your feet back solidly on the ground.

I haven't looked into the Ayurvedic ideas - I got into Chinese Medicine which, interestingly, uses 5 elements to describe people (or at least their state of health - not sure if they apply it to personality) as well. Didn't Buddha come from India or something? I suppose there would have been a trading of other ideas as well.

I did do a test online though just to see and I came up pretty much balanced in the three which is sort of interesting because I was told astrologically my chart is balanced in all the elelments - which poses different challenges than having all the same or similar energies -

So . . .What is the conclusion? More yoga and meditation for all? Not a bad prescription, I'd say.

What say you?

I think you have the right idea about meditation and yoga - a nice, compliment - something to raise your energy up to those higher levels and something to keep you connected to the earth - grounded.

I read once that kundalini which is about higher energy coming in wasn't the only energy movement - there's another - the opposite kind - moving from the earth outward - do you know anything about that?

I think that energy isn't about the material world - but more earth energy - I think the world we've created the 'material' world is more a product of unbalanced minds. By which I don't mean insane - just unbalanced energetically I wonder what kind of society we would create if we were all energetically balanced . . .

It's actually called the 8 limbs of yoga (Buddhism has a similar "8 fold path" tradition). The 8 limbs of yoga are . . . yama, niyama, asana (physical yoga practice), pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dyana, samadhi.

Look 'em up!

Look 'em up! LOL Yes Ma'am - (actually, I will, eventually, will get back to you when I do!)

By the way, how you described the way you work with your energies and how it affects your 'lawyering' gives me hope for the whole profession.

I hope you have had a great trip and enjoyed both Vegas and Santa Fe. Did you win any money in Vegas? I swear I could have been a problem gambler! Maybe it was a good thing my piscean energy was somewhat ignored over the years!

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