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Hi Moon,

I have heard of String theory but never looked into it. It sounded ‘mathy’ and ‘complicated’ to me. But I followed your link – that site makes it look like I might actually be able to wrap my head around the theory! Thank you.

I'm glad you liked the music -
It's a good sound, but can be rather limited, because it's unique.

That’s a really good observation – being unique does pose limitations!

I think it is the stuff of spirit.... movement and manifestation

Have you ever read 'The Field' by Lynn McTaggart. If I remember right, she wrote in that book that there's evidence that the 'field' is affected by thoughts. Sustained and focused thoughts create a sort of rigid structure in the field. I imagine this in turn would create difficulties for anyone trying to break out of that structure - if they realized they were in it.

I suppose what I'm trying to get at is - there's different frequencies of vibration - like strings on a guitar - different frequencies - so the 'field' or spirit - what does that encompass? More than one frequency I would imagine.

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