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Originally Posted by patswife
So sorry the meeting didn't take place. But Chi, it sounds as if you all had a wonderful time! Love the hiking story--sounds like it was an endurance test--but in a fun way! So glad you were able to have dinner with Brit and Lee--must have been quite an interesting dinner. Love the picture too!
Reading about it made me wish I could have been there! Maybe one of these times.
Thanks for posting this, Chi!!

Well you know Joanne, one of the highlights was definitely dinner.
Brit and Lee are lovely people and Linda and Pema too.
The girls both have this angelic way about them. So
positive and full of light. They truly helped me to get back
into a spiritual groove. And i was really proud of that 11 mile accomplishment.
Never thought in my wildest dreams that i was capable of that.
Soft Grin... Many Blessings.
Love, Chi
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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