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Originally Posted by patswife
Hi, This is for all of you who were fortunate enough to attend the "cherryhead" meeting in Sedona. How was it?? No one has posted anything! I would love to hear about it and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Does anyone have pictures they can post? I hope someone fills us in. And don't tell me "what happens in Sedona stays in Sedona". LOL

There was no Gathering this year. Everyone backed out in the end for one reason or another which made me feel quite sad at first.

But Pema and Linda (being the eternal optimists that they are) lifted my spirits the minute i saw them. As we hiked, we shopped, we talked; synchronicity and magic showed up here and there. 4 or 5 sightings of lone dimes in various spots on the ground (Bj collected dimes). 2 sightings of white feathers. 3 or 4 sightings of 444; the number for angels. one sighting of 11:11. A bit of magic involving selenite with me and i'll share a Wizard of Oz synchronicity at length towards the end of this post.

Dinner with Brit and Lee on Friday was lovely. She suggested a haunted restaurant. The waiter commented about the wonderful energy emanating from our table as he approached. i can believe that... because all of our hearts were effortlessly wide open; like open books; i could feel us all individually and collectively. Lee charmed us as he filled our heads with visions of his out on the limb adventures in the jungles of Ecuador during earlier years. In fact he's written a book about it all. One i will surely read if i can get my hands on it. And i loved his honesty when he said he had to be dragged by Brit out to dinner. Made me chuckle a hearty chuckle. It was the timing of his delivery, i think that just tickled my funny bone. Too funny... Brit was up close and personal in that way she can be; angels all around us.

The next day, the girls and i took what turned into an 11 mile hike to and from Devil's Bridge; it was supposed to be 6 or 7 miles (i wore a pedometer) but we got lost on the way back. i renamed it Rainbow Bridge.

On the way there, we spotted a field of flowers to our left that looked to me like that field from wizard of oz where Dorothy and entourage fall asleep and the flying monkeys come to carry off Dorothy and Toto. i stated such and we all laughed and Pema and i started imitating the wicked witch of the west as we walked. "i'll get you my pretty" "oh, look what you've done, you evil little girl, i'm melting" Linda said we were disturbing someone meditating. As we continued to walk, we forgot all about it. but it really was like the yellow brick road to me. Too funny... (remember this part for later)

Coming back we came to a fork in the path and could not remember which way to go. We went the wrong way. by the 9th mile or so, everything was beautifully alive. As i dragged my feet and legs along i commented that i felt like i was on an acid trip; even the rocks and pebbles were alive. Pema got such a kick out of that, i heard her chuckle way up ahead. She was always way up ahead scouting the area. Linda was behind me too spent for words. and after 11 total miles, we came out onto a parking lot that was not the parking lot where we had parked. This 11 mile hike hadn't seemed to effect Pema at all; she was still full of pep. How on earth could that be? Linda and i marveled because on the other hand we were literally about to drop. when this couple appeared with a jeep offering to drive us to our parking lot (another mile away). Linda was the first to get to their car door and also the first to spot a statue on the console of the car. Guess who it was? Glenda the good witch. Linda exclaimed "Glenda?" and the girl said "yes Glenda".

Sedona is a magical healing place. i leave you with that.

Love, Chi
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