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Karma has always been some what of a mystery to me. On the surface it could simply mean you receive what you plant and the quality of the flowering depends upon the depth of the focus. Yet when I watch life express itself it seems more complicated then cause and effect; cause stemming from need, and effect being the resolution of need.

Karma is complex in and of itself but it does not immediately address the source initiating its need or function. Without the underlying knowing that precedes its existence or actions ones understanding of the seeds birthing experience seems vacant of meaning or purpose. To be understood the exploits of karmic action, though filled with intelligent action, also requires an awareness of that which is aware of awareness; the knowing that wills itself into manifested existence.

Karmic action enacts the drama or sensitivity that wakens perceptual awareness or conscious form, a self, that recognizes or responds to boundaries or limitations of specific levels of reality enabling the realization of meaning, or a sense of knowing derived or abstracted from karmic activity. The self becomes a mirror image or manifested life or intelligence reflecting that which precedes its existence. In the doing, it learns to resonate as a clear tonality or intelligent conscious self, enlightening itself as it exhibits, experiences and develops Source awareness. It is the seed that flows from and returns to Source by way of the flowering of its intelligence. Its enlightenment; perpetuating the actuality Source awareness.

My understanding of karma is that it is not limited to cause and effect although it enacts such. Its about the path of enlightenment and life breathing in and out of itself. The tendencies, aptitudes or interests of individual selves resonate the quality of the form expression during their journey through manifested existence enforcing the actions or activities that create intelligence factors that enable the development and fruition of clear sight and knowing of Source awareness.
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