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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

Sometimes the marching through the fledglings are cumbersome
One just has to get over it and go on. And then there is the principle
Of what is beyond that questions. Taking a deep breath then do we delve
Into the next adventure of the knowings, therefore let us bring them forth.

The Big Elephant sat silent for a moment.
She had just gone through a rigorous disruption of her being
Which disallowed her to function in her day to day meanderings.
She held a heavy sigh then to begin again.

And then it was that she imagined herself at the top of the world.
Looking over all and observing, taking in all that she was perceiving.
She knew then that she was identifying this world's next changing.
And in some way that would affect her entourage as well.

It was then, that she took the next step into her "Being"!
And it was as if there was a plethora of grandeur of being
That traced itself across the beginnings of time
Embracing the succulence of its being.

And relishing then in the total peace of rendering...

Love, Deb
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