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Default enlightened synchronicity?

This just happened to me moments ago in Las Vegas and had to share . . .

So, after a night of too much . . . well, too much Las Vegas . . . I walked my happy yoga bum about 2 miles outside of this craziness to the Whole Foods to begin much needed detoxification with organic salad, tofu, wheat grass, and a kombucha chia drink.

As I was happily eating in the WF cafe and reading Dancing in the Light (yes, this is my first read through it!), I took another swig of my Synergy kombucha chia drink and took a look at the back of the label and read the "words of enlightenment," and here's what it said:

"Courageously following the truth in life is the surest way to fulfill the purpose you were meant to live." (photo attached below)


"Huh?" I thought. That's pretty synchronistic to be reading a book authored by SM and then simultaneously read such a quote in a random WF in Vegas so far from home. Then I read the name of the person who submitted the quote to Synergy . . . the guy is not only from the Chicago area, but from Tinley Park, Illinois. Tinley Park, Illinois. Tinley Park, Illinois is the small, ordinary southwest Chicago suburb in which I live.

Yes, hello Universe! I am listening!

Namaste (temporarily) from the Vegas strip,

p.s. Don't you love the photo and how you can see the words from Dancing in the Light underneath this little communication from the Universe to me?!
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