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Default more ideas

I have been checking suggestions on foods and supplements since I saw this article.

Various things that were recommended were

lots of juicing and raw foods, organic of course. Apples were highlighted for the pectin content in the peel. Onions, kale, beets, citrus were also highlighted.

I also read some about the benefits of bentonite clay topically. Suggested was to use as a "body mask" after a hot shower to bind to toxins and draw them out of the body. Totally body coverage could be difficult if you are by yourself, apply where you can~~~ let dry and shower off. One article also suggested using an avocado oil afterwards to moisturize and protect skin. Clay would be pretty drying.

For herbs, I saw milk thistle mentioned as well as ginseng. I know we think of the thyroid but I have been wondering also about doing things to help detox the liver such as dandelion.

I agree with the article about baking soda and am thankful that people are sharing ideas.

Many blessings
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