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Hello! So sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your thoughtful post. I've been traveling (some pleasure/some work/in the midst of it still now), work in between, and not much down time.
Originally Posted by Freesia16
Hi Steph,
I understand you are a vegetarian can I assume this is a catch and release fish then?

You understand correctly! I am a vegetarian (10 years). I like the idea of hunting/fishing for yourself better, actually, than shopping at the local grocery store, but yes...for now...I'd neither catch nor release.
You might be interested in that whole Buddhist saying. It goes something like this:

"Hey! . . . Were you talking about Old Buddha? Why, . . . Old Buddha is no Buddha. Real Buddha is a fish just netted, leaping and jumping."

So, the dharma is not something or someone that happened or said something in the past. The real dharma practice is whatever comes into our net--our practice, our life--at each and every moment. The moment, the now is the perfect teacher.

What do you think?


Now for my turn at (some of) the numbers . . .

(1) Is David Ian Cowan the guy who talked about how our bedrooms might not exist if we are not in them? That freaked my brain out a bit. I was the kind of kid who was sure that my toys came to life -I used to open and shut the door very fast to catch them. I never did. My conclusion - I wasn't fast enough!

Hmmm? I do not recall that part of the interview, but I brought his book along The Collapse of Time, which I'll start after I finish Autobiography of a Yogi (maybe about 1/2 through) and Dancing in the Light (just started).

(4) . . . About the 30 year old books - I find it both fascinating and frustrating to find books a decade of more old and I think - what was I doing while I was not reading this??!!

I know what you mean! My little 30-something year old world has just started to become more awakened within the last 3 years or so, and I am only now (there's that word again) reading authors like Sitchen, Cayce, (yes, even Shirley), Vedic and Buddhist texts. I suppose we all have our own individual journeys to the Path (as the Buddha in the net might say).

Huh? . . . this part of our conversation also reminds me of another saying from the Diamond Sutra (I think!) . . . "I and all beings simultaneously realize the Way." I like that. I and all beings simultaneously realize the Way. All that is reality happens simultaneously, eh? . . . Huh? . . .

Then I've found some quite old things - turn of the last century - where people are writing about theories that are just resurfacing - mind blowing - why don't they get general acceptance earlier . . .

Sitchin might say the Nefelim/Anunnaki/etc. had something to do with those memory lapses?

(5) 'dust to dust' that's just what I thought - actually - I wondered - did some intelligent being a la Sitchin's annunaki come down and try to explain it to us and all we got was 'we're made of clay' - I mean wouldn't you have to really simplify some ideas if they were so far ahead of where we were?

I don't know if Sitchin would say Ennki or Enlil (I cannot now recall which had/has the affinity towards humans and ultimately granted the knowledge of agriculture, etc.) wanted us to advance any. I think much of his theories is that we were just supposed to dig the gold from the gold mines and have no aspirations for higher intelligence or knowing god. We were a grand compromise between the gods and the Anunnaki who were fed up with doing all the grunt work--the first collectively bargained agreement!

(6) Hmmmm moon in Sagitarrius - do you want the good news or the bad news - just kidding! I'm a moon in Gemini - so Air opposite your fire - my best friend is a Sagg moon - here's what I know very idealistic - will fight the good fight. Doesn't suffer fools well -

For better or for worse, that is a pretty darn good description of me.

You sure do have a lot of fire! It's interesting to me because I have a lot of different elements in my chart - poses different challenges. I think it would be easier to align things if they were all the same element or complementary (air/fire or earth/water) - but then having only one - maybe it can get easily exaggerated?

Of course, my dosha is also pitta (with very little of any other element). I can absolutely get out out of balance with too much firey passion, but I have found that the yoga, meditation, and vegetarian/ayruvedic diet balance me out superbly.

How do you balance your watery Pisces and airy (I presume your dosha is likely Vatta) qualities? I think Yoga, again, could help really ground that vatta-ness. Obviously, any grounding pose--and even inversions like headstands--will get your feet back solidly on the ground.

I have one sign - venus in Aries - which has led me to wonder if our cultures have created ideas of what each sign is about and sort of skewed them for us. Like since we are in a very yang/fiery time - are our fire elements over 'nourished' - would we recognize that fire in balance? Can you have a balance in a fiery time or is the balance then different from a non-fiery time?

This is interesting. You are right, this is certainly a fiery/yang moment in time, isn't it? I think us fire signs tend to thrive in such an environment (that is, we think we like it), but what we really need and deep down crave is cooling tranquility--yoga, again. So . . .What is the conclusion? More yoga and meditation for all? Not a bad prescription, I'd say.

What say you?

What's your experience with your fire - I think you must make quite the lawyer!

I think being a fire sign (not to mention a triple fire and a pitta) probably certainly helps me find the passion in practicing law. However, I've been doing it long enough now that I've learned that cooler heads (including such tricks as levity, compassion for your "opponent," and maintaining a good sense of humor) usually prevail, which is good for me because incorporating such coolness balances my passionate fire to protect and defend my client with zeal and usually results in better outcomes. Yoga (again!) and meditation each morning before I hit the ground running with law has also helped so much!

And sanghas (communities) like this one where I can turn to and remember that there is more to this Life than what I have been conditioned to perceive, more than what I have been conditioned to believe help so much in balancing the fire not only in my little self, but also the world.

The energy of The Sangha (this sangha included) is so very important to the quality of survival of this existence. I am so blessed to be part of your sangha here in the cherry pit and look forward to growing with you all for the remainder of this incarnation here.


(7) I didn't know there was an 8 fold yogic path. Very interesting - sounds very profound - my only experience was in a much shallower version at a local continuing ed course where the teacher said after a particular pose - "Be careful not to snap your neck". I quit when I realized she wasn't kidding and we hadn't actually been taught how to do the pose well! A spiritual yoga makes much more sense.

It's actually called the 8 limbs of yoga (Buddhism has a similar "8 fold path" tradition). The 8 limbs of yoga are . . . yama, niyama, asana (physical yoga practice), pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dyana, samadhi. Look 'em up!

(8) new point - I just received news that the 12th planet is back at the library - so I will start on that and get to Clow's interview too. It was Thanksgiving up here this weekend so I took it relatively easy.

YAY! Can't wait to talk with you about The 12th Planet!

Maybe you can help me understand though - why does America celebrate Columbo? I mean I liked the show and Falk was a good actor but a whole day? (joke, possibly a bad one!)

Funny! I wish I could understand why we "celebrate" Columbus Day, too!

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Thanks! I did! I'll be in Santa Fe with my partner doing various interesting and fun things (and also seeing and practicing with my yoga teacher Tias Little) this weekend, so should be a blast! Hope you have a lovely weekend, too, and that your week has been proceeding peacefully!

Namaste (temporarily) from the Vegas strip,
"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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