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Default My latest dream

and i don't remember dreams very often however......

i am participating in a 100 day meditation with a 94 yr old monk from Thailand
who has been practicing since he was l7 yrs old.

Building the authoratative mind power....hence silencing the emotions.

Meditating to find the consciousness of the soul....

Anyways....quite a challenge with only week ends off.

My dream comprised of suddenly being at the grocery store....needing supplies...and also at this point needing to call my son.....who has been distant recently and con communicative....hope this is short lived...

So I am checking out and my conversation of the evening was all about Neburu, cochina, the blue star, the comet that the Hopi says was/is coming.

Some have seen it close to the sunset and I have one photo from last march of 2 suns in the sky out of my car window.
Not sure why no one is talking....however....

So I am checking out and a little worried and asking the cashier what she thinks?
she said and I quote "It is not time yet!"

She was non descript.....meaning just a person however I believed her and woke up a little relieved....

When we pray we are talking to God or our higher self
When we meditate...we are listening...

Love to you all this glorious last night of the full Moon.

kris xoxoxoxo
ps 900 reads since October? I have nothing to say...however....
pss Every Sun has a silver Niburu! hahhahajajajajjakakkaakali
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