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This popped out while I was reading the boards...
So funny because yesterday I was going through old books to donate to a 'spiritual lending library' and came across Cayce on Atlantis. Couldn't let that one go

Then Peg talking about the books she read early on... when I was 7 my Mom gave me a couple of Cayce's books, then Jess Stern, followed by Jeanne Dixon, Blavatsky, followed by Ruth Mongomery, a book on Arthur Ford, etc. She was so good about that because we talked about past life memories I was having and she always encouraged my understanding of those.

By the time I reached my teens I was into Zolar & Pythagorus numerology, Linda Goodman's astrology books and the Urantia book.

Feels like a good time to go dig those old classics up and re-read with older, wiser and fresher eyes. Thanks for the inspiration to do just that!
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