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Hi Moon,

I've been trying to figure out how to explain -

I understand what you are saying about 'spiritual' and how politics has spirit

(but not the Holy Spirit - although possibly the Holy Spirit sometimes gets through there too - maybe that's the only thing that's kept us from all being slaves - do you know the story of how the man who wrote 'Amazing Grace' was a slave trader for years and then one night 'saw the light'? That's got to be an example of the Holy Spirit and it affected politics at least his politics . . .)

Anyway, I was using the term spiritual more in the sense of higher consciousness.

I am not sure how you understand the elite - for me they are a product of our lower consciousness - those lower level vibrations we've been living in -

So the 'solution' is more like a holistic healing. And in that, the video did not consider potential effects. When you 'warn' people you put them into a position of fear.

Fear motivates but it makes people react. When people react they are closed to learning; closed to reflection; closed to higher levels of consciousness.

Right there, the effect creates the opposite energy than what is needed - we need higher levels of consciousness - which is why I think that considering new age/quantum understandings of how energy works can lead to different solutions. How are vibrations changed?

I think if we investigate this - we can find a permanent solution to this situation of 'elites' (they've been around in one form or another throughout history - I'm sort of tired of this drama - and I would like to try another one! Move towards a real cure not just a remission of the disease.)

Does that make any sense?

By the way - I seem to recall you are an Aquarius - do you happen to know your moon sign? (note - I have a weird recall for 'signs' don't ask me why!)
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