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I have always wondered what effects all the nukes tested since I don’t know when had on the world – not to mention Chernobyl.

These steps provided by Dr. Costello seem relatively simple.

I wanted to mention that baking soda does not contain aluminum. It’s the processing of cheaper brands that put some of that in.

Apparently there’s a very natural source baking soda sold by Bob’s Red Mill but Arm and Hammer which makes baking soda chemically is aluminum free as well and possibly a lot cheaper.

So the price wouldn't have to be an issue with the remedies. I sometimes find staying healthy is very very expensive.

Here’s a link to clarify.

and just another good one about baking soda

Oh, one more thing -

There’s also a ‘movement’ of sorts which could be added to these ideas – it’s called ‘no poo’ – meaning no shampoo but rather washing hair with baking soda mixed with water and rinsing with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.
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