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Smile An Hour with an Angel and Lift Your Spirit.

Shows that the positive energies being received by the world all year are having an effect.

If you will allow me a slight off-topic comment, but still related to the theme of positive energies and good news, I have three recent BlogTalkRadio shows to recommend (there are also transcripts of the two channelings on if you don't want to listen to the radio program but still want the information).

The Divine Mother on recent positive energy sent to Earthians:

The Divine Mother and Archangel Michael on the recent influx of Clarity:

What All Lightworkers Are Doing/Being/Becoming. The New You:

Hope you enjoy them! These are recent shows that have been highly praised as "keepers" (especially great episodes) by members of the Golden Gaia discussion group. They are all related to channeling and the first two specifically are about channeled conversation. The third one includes discussion between the host of Lift Your Spirit and the channeler herself, Linda Dillion, and includes a channeling as part of, rather than the primary show content.

Love Is All, All Are One!
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