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Default Dhea and aging

Dhea is the most abundant hormone in the body
it declines steadily after the age of 30 for men and women
dhea in America is sold as a supplement but is a hormone otherwise you'd need prescription.
low levels of dhea mirror aging problems such a depression and dementia obesity asthma and cancer and caridovascular disease.
by the age of 70 you only have 10 per cent of what you had at 25.
Doctors are the biggest drug pushers in America.They treat all these problems with drugs that have such bad side effects to hear it on tv almost makes you laugh if it wasn't so serious.
A woman I would say start with 10 IU and men 50 IU.I take 100 IU in the morning and 100 IU at night with much experimenting on my part seems to work for me but then I lift weights might make a difference.
The body is programed to fail after the age of 30.The original makers felt after the kids were grown you weren't needed and so on.Of course I feel different about that.With dhea you have a better chance of living a healthier life longer.
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