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Hi Steph,

I like the numbering.

I read the other day it’s good to stick to one point when expressing things – not my strong suit! As long as you don’t get into legalise – them thar’ big words and such - no problem!

Real Buddha is a fish just netted leaping and jumping

I understand you are a vegetarian – can I assume this is a catch and release fish then?

Now for my turn at the numbers . . .

(1) Is David Ian Cowan the guy who talked about how our bedrooms might not exist if we are not in them? That freaked my brain out a bit. I was the kind of kid who was sure that my toys came to life -I used to open and shut the door very fast to catch them. I never did. My conclusion - I wasn't fast enough!

(2 and 3) - sort of messing up the numbers here - : ) It would be interesting to know if your yoga teacher has heard of him - I can only remember he mentioned OSHO - but I don't know if he's buddhist - there were some other names too - did I mention I had to give the book back? he new book seems more like a philsophy of mind book I haven't gotten into it yet.

(4) It is quite wonderful to have a great library system - Apparently it's one of the best or the best in the world - sources: Wikipedia and TripAdvisor haha - hey, pick and choose your sources, I say! But seriously, I do love it. It is one of the things that makes me wonder if I'd ever leave the city. But then I did just discover 'interlibrary loans' so . . . About the 30 year old books - I find it both fascinating and frustrating to find books a decade of more old and I think - what was I doing while I was not reading this??!! Then I've found some quite old things - turn of the last century - where people are writing about theories that are just resurfacing - mind blowing - why don't they get general acceptance earlier . . . I suppose you can move into conspiracy theories then - or just put it down to the world not being ready - depending on your mood or time of day - or maybe your sign . . .which leads to (6)

(5) 'dust to dust' that's just what I thought - actually - I wondered - did some intelligent being a la Sitchin's annunaki come down and try to explain it to us and all we got was 'we're made of clay' - I mean wouldn't you have to really simplify some ideas if they were so far ahead of where we were?

(6) Hmmmm moon in Sagitarrius - do you want the good news or the bad news - just kidding! I'm a moon in Gemini - so Air opposite your fire - my best friend is a Sagg moon - here's what I know very idealistic - will fight the good fight. Doesn't suffer fools well -

You sure do have a lot of fire! It's interesting to me because I have a lot of different elements in my chart - poses different challenges. I think it would be easier to align things if they were all the same element or complementary (air/fire or earth/water) - but then having only one - maybe it can get easily exaggerated? I have one sign - venus in Aries - which has led me to wonder if our cultures have created ideas of what each sign is about and sort of skewed them for us. Like since we are in a very yang/fiery time - are our fire elements over 'nourished' - would we recognize that fire in balance? Can you have a balance in a fiery time or is the balance then different from a non-fiery time?

I've wondered because that fire plays against water - opposites and i've had the fire drag my poor little water sign around and acheived great success outwardly but inwardly - ouch!

What's your experience with your fire - I think you must make quite the lawyer!

I haven't had a chart done by Sandra Helton - but yes, that would be the place to start here.

(7) I didn't know there was an 8 fold yogic path. Very interesting - sounds very profound - my only experience was in a much shallower version at a local continuing ed course where the teacher said after a particular pose - "Be careful not to snap your neck". I quit when I realized she wasn't kidding and we hadn't actually been taught how to do the pose well! A spiritual yoga makes much more sense.

(8) new point - I just received news that the 12th planet is back at the library - so I will start on that and get to Clow's interview too. It was Thanksgiving up here this weekend so I took it relatively easy.

Maybe you can help me understand though - why does America celebrate Columbo? I mean I liked the show and Falk was a good actor but a whole day? (joke, possibly a bad one!)

Hope you had a nice weekend.
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