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Someone in the Christian world who I trust had a prophetic dream. In the dream he was shown the cities of the US were full of pick pockets and theives. Evil governments will be sending signals through people's cell phones to influence them.

I think your friend is receiving an understanding on some level of possibilities that exist now.

I just read and finally understood that all cellphones are radios. They transmit and receive microwave radio waves. These waves are short and they are piggybacked on longer waves which are then filtered out when they get to the cellphone. It's quite possible to do right now what your friend dreamed about.

It's also very easy to just send pulses - no words - but you can affect people's brains to make them shift their moods which is very powerful and could affect a lot of people's actions without anything being said at all.

I think it's best to not use cellphones very much. Or at least have an ear phone so the waves aren't right by your head

I learned that back in the 50's, many christian teachers were predicting that darkness was taking over the world. I don't know if we are in the last days predicted in the book of Revelation, but it doesn't seem like things can keep on going the way they are. Something will have to intervene to help humanity get on a better course.

The waves all around us can affect our human brain waves and make it difficult to connect with our spirits - higher sources - it's electromagnetic pollution and affects our development on the physical and spiritual (invisible energy) levels - I think that constitutes darkness.

I think something is intervening - just that maybe it's not doing the work where it's darkest or rather you can't tell it is because even if that dark was a little lighter it would still be pitch black!
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