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Hi Moon,

You mentioned that you wondered how energy gets in..... through my study of energy medicine, I've learned that like planets, we also, get bombarded with cosmic energies and if our magnetic field is weak, or broken, those energies are able to enter and effect the body. (and I wonder if certain energies can do the same, on the spiritual level, manipulating our feelings and attitudes, which in turn, may cause our positive/negative allowance of our physical actions and reactions.

This is what I was coming to understand. We are like planets as you said. I think it's like the idea of things being 'fractal' -that idea that repeating patterns happen all through different scales - from the largest to the smallest - including planets.

I think like planets too we have different energy vibrations - I don't know all the terms but I think there's different ones for the planet - I know some people say that we have vibrations of emotion; of thought; our body organs - all these different frequencies vibrating together. Hard to wrap your head around.

What you said about demonic - it reminded me about something Scott Peck once said - he said that in terms of cases of possession of which he had some experience (he was a minister, I think and definitely a psychiatrist) - that there was a point where there seemed to be a shift and he had patients who he would describe as evil for lack of a better word - and these people he couldn't help and he came to believe that it's only higher beings - higher frequency or more pure/focused energy like of Christ that could be called upon to clear up the energy that he felt had shifted or moved into some people.

There's also the David Icke idea of some other dimensional beings trying to attach to us energetically - I wonder about that.

It can sound quite medieval to think about this in these terms - but when you consider it's all vibrations and energy - it's more and more understandable - and also understandable why we need good energetic health too.

I wanted to ask you - I know you play the guitar - do you know about slack key guitar? It's a style originating in hawaii -

Here's a link to a man called Fran Guidry playing some:

I just understood (barely) what harmonics were - how if you pluck a string it doesn't just vibrate at one frequency but all these other frequencies - some mathematical ratios - until infinity i think - that's pretty mind blowing especially when you consider we're all creating movement in energy all the time too - gets to 'sound' like a pretty noisy world! Thank goodness we can't hear it all.
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