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Default Refreshing....

Dr. Neppe's point of view was refreshing in view of his scientific credentials. His optimism (that we are learning toward a better, less chaotic, future) was inspiring.

Good IS winning. We are winning against GMO's. We are winning against prejudice (for which you yourself, Shirley, worked so hard). We are winning against ignorance (your books did a TON of work here). And we are doing it without declaring war on these things, we are declaring right and light!

Where the truth shines, things get better. Sure the government is shut down right now, but that is temporary. And while they are shut down, they can do no harm--haha. And everyone but everyone is worried about Mother Nature. Guess all we can do about her is love her and hold on tight. There will be a rainbow after these storms. I am sure of it....

Anyway, thank you for the wonderful interview. As usual, you made us think. And you asked the hard questions.

Love, C.
HAND, Cher O.

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