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Default Tonight's show

It is fascinating to realize that with all of the accumulated knowledge and brilliance of these amazing researchers...we find ourselves not just going forwards but, also going backwards into the most ancient and classical mystical
positions which reiterate tenants and positions clearly analogous to those of many former religious and spiritual true masters.

Ex. There are many mansions in my Fathers house (to paraphrase Jesus)
or "We are not we but One" as Meher Baba said in the 1930's...
or most mystical stances regarding planes of consciousness as in Hinduism and lots of other ism's like Sufism and in some senses Buddhism.

The nine only idea is a bit confusing for me but, I have not as yet read his book. And we don't always as lowly humans get a peek into all of these other shall we say planes of consciousness or simply views between the worlds, which really are there to see umm perhaps in those most rarified moments...when we can get out of our thinking minds and into the flow.
Thank you Shirley for your clarity and frankness in this interview...once again showing us your brilliance in certainly keeping pace with this extraordinary scientist, doctor, raconteur, etc.etc. etc. !

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