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Default The Journey

Lately when I go to bed I have had like dreams but I am awake.In that state just before.I know I am awake but I am in this dream while awake.A new twist to my seeing flashes.
Being around one of your cluster mates for so many years now.Makes one aware on a constant level.Don't even try ,it just happens.
Probably will have to go in front of the council about this and explain how we got together when we weren't suppose to.I will tell them a lie but of course they know the answer already ha ha.We planned it.When two entitys on the other side touch each other they can have a private conversion.Surprising enough.They don't monitor every thought and idea on the other side.
I know what they will say was it worth it,not progressing ,just to be with this other entity in 3 dimensional state. I will say yes.going to do it again next life.Of course they will make it harder each time.So enjoy it while you can.
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