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Hi Freesia! So sorry I haven't been able to get back here for a few days.

Your assessment and presentation is astute, technically accurate and very eloquently stated. Thanks for sharing that.

You mentioned that you wondered how energy gets in..... through my study of energy medicine, I've learned that like planets, we also, get bombarded with cosmic energies and if our magnetic field is weak, or broken, those energies are able to enter and effect the body. (and I wonder if certain energies can do the same, on the spiritual level, manipulating our feelings and attitudes, which in turn, may cause our positive/negative allowance of our physical actions and reactions. ????)

I used the term demonic, because demonic energy is often, a combination and unity of many forces... and it seemed to me (maybe because it sounded so confusing) that it was almost, intentionally chaotic and distracting, aimed in many different directions.

Eckankar.... yes, it's a very interesting (and in my experience, powerful), spiritual study. I am no longer a member of Eckankar, but for anyone who is interested in spiritual concepts, I would recommend it. Eckankar covers a lot of information about energy and the movement of energy and it is also, a great source of instruction for dream interpretation and soul travel.

Freesia, I can only, imagine how difficult it must be for you, as an empathy and I would have to agree with you, regarding psychic receptivity.

Thanks again, for your thoughtful and interesting response.

All the best,
Baraka Bashad,
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