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Thumbs up Oct 13 Dr. Vernon Neppe

Join Shirley for a discussion with Dr. Vernon Neppe:

Dr. Neppe is currently working with Dr Edward Close, and they have demonstrated an all-embracing paradigm (called TDVP) which when using objective criteria scores far the highest of any Theory of Everything ever developed. Moreover, their work deriving 9 finite spinning dimensions, not just 3 of Space and 1 moment in time, involves one of the most profound current contributions to physics, mathematics, biology and psychology: They have demonstrated that much of reality is hidden. Their TDVP model has also led to a new philosophical mind-body theory called Unified Monism.

They'll also be discussing the discovery of 9 spinning dimensions!

Will be a mind bending show, I'm sure!

Sunday Oct 13 - 6 PM PDT - 9 PM EDT and always in the archives
Brit Elders
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