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Hi Stephanie,

I'm onto the Barbara Clow audio - I'll let you know when I finish.

I actually had to return 'Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind' to the library - only one copy and it's on hold for someone else - frustrating. I will have to get back to it when I get it back from the library.

What I like about it is the balance it gives - Guy Claxton, the author, studied under various Buddhist masters though I believe that he got a degree in, well, something - I didn't actually make note of that!

I did get another one of his books out as an ebook - called Noises from the Darkroom - it's about evolution of the mind -
Starting from an evolutionary perspective, Guy Claxton shows how the mind has emerged from the brain, and how, along the way, some crucial misapprehensions have slipped into our unconscious models of ourselves. Through its masterly and engaging synthesis of different perspectives, Noises from the Darkroom offers a view of the totality of the human brain-mind that illuminates clearly both its blind alleys and its potentialities.

Have no idea if it's any good but sounded interesting and I am curious to read my first ebook - one that I borrowed from the library, I mean.

Are you still interested in discussing Sitchin? I have put a hold on that again - should get it by the end of the month.

I actually wanted to share a theory of evolution that I read about over the summer. When I say read I mean I was reading a book called 'The Body Electric' about electromagnetism and the foundation of life (it's very very well written. All about the experiments R. Becker did in relation to regeneration of limbs - sounds very techy but the man who wrote it or helped write it - Selden - did an amazing job and it's very easy to read for all the technical science stuff in it.)

Anyway, in the book is mentioned a theory of how life started which I think was very interesting. I believe you may have pointed out about the 'soup' idea - that we came out of some mixture of primordial soup or something -

I mean we as in - life on this planet.

In the book, though, there was mention of a theory that says that maybe the first 'life' was actually in non-organic matter. Apparently certain elements like silicon I think he said can create a sort of primitave 'nervous system' all on their own and so react to things like lava and move away (pain) -

The idea is after these primative nervous systems developed then the organic matter could have joined together with it and created 'life' as we know it -

It's all very molecular and quantum energy related but as I said it was very easy to read. Though this fascinating theory was a mere side note. I'm trying to either buy the book or get it out again (long waiting list) just to get the details - and read it again.

As for you being an Aries with Leo rising - lol -no worries. . . watch out . . .that's sort of contradictory! Scorch! Two fire signs -

But what is your moon sign (emotional nature)?

BTW in terms of yoga - do you see that as a spiritual or purely physical practise?

My cousin teaches yoga and though I don't know her that well she was interviewed saying a lot of people use it purely for physical reasons but it's a spiritual practise at it's best - or something like that. I'm apparently no good at quoting things!

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