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Hi Moon,

I listened to this more carefully again.

The Doctor who posted the video/audio said on youtube -
The patient whose brainwaves you are hearing is sitting quietly in bed and is NOT having a convulsive seizure.

Around 0:20, the patient's seizure starts in the right hemisphere, and the patient is talking and acting normally.

Around 1:50, the left hemisphere starts seizing while the right is in a post-ictal state. The patient is mute and confused.

At 2:20 both hemispheres are in the post-ictal state. Patient is looking around, still confused, trying to pick at things, and get out of bed.
This means that the seizure - the energy is coming in (into the right brain) and the person isn't really aware (left brain) of that -

Apparently this can help with biofeedback - I assume that's if the patient recognizes the shift in energy in their brain (right brain) they can do something consciously to change it.

What you said about 'demonic' - very interesting. I know the term 'demonic' or 'evil' isn't really popular but I think there is something to a healthy state - and I do wonder about different dimensions being able to affect us energetically whether 'on purpose' or just becasue it's their nature - and people being affected that way - energetically and then it's manifesting as disease etc.

I looked at the Eckankar website and put the HU music on after listening to the seizure just to calm myself down!

Are you studying Eckankar or is it like a religion? I read it could be either - obviously a spiritual practise.

You said -
it makes me wonder if there was a break in this woman's magnetic field, that allowed a very negative, unclean, informed energy, to interfere with her brainwaves.
I do wonder how the energy gets in - I am susceptible as an empath to soaking up energy like a sponge - I know people say that's all the rage! Be more empathic - I say no thanks - you have to work at clearing the energy - recognizing what's you (healthy/spirit you) and what's not. So I think your description of the break in the field is very telling.

People talk about it and how being psychic would be wonderful - well only if you are consciously aware - otherwise you take in stuff and have no idea - knowing things you don't know you shouldn't be able to know - all sorts.

Did you hear once that David Icke on an interview said that some other dimensional beings were trying to put an energetic virus into us - or maybe he said they had, way back - not sure - anyway - I'm not sure what he's relating this all to but I think it's sort of possible - I mean it's all energy, right? So the more we consider things energetically - the more we might understand -

I actually wondered recently as I was getting over a very mild ear/face infection - long story - related to not enough chlorine in the swimming pool over the summer - another long story! - wasn't bad enough for the doctor to help and so I had to just deal with it alternatively -

Because of reading about psychic energy waves that can come at you - and having experienced them too - I wondered if as we shift up and out of various energies (say healing or raising our vibes as the planet supposedly is doing too) if the energies of what were would become uncomfortable - and create disease where they wouldn't before. I mean like the energy of thought patterns or something - just musing here -

Wondering how you see all of this music/sound/energy stuff - if you'd like to share

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