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Hi Moon,

I honestly only reacted to this post because SM said she had bookmarked Suspicious Observers.

I expect, wrongly, I know, that she understand more deeply what us/them and all the other new age stuff relates to in terms of communicating ideas which can change the world. That’s supposed to be the new age hope and dream – creating a new reality - and she says she’s a communicator; that we needed evolution not revolution and other things -

But then I know I’m just projecting my frustrations. I get frustrated seeing ideas I know are good and helpful – being presented in ways that I also know will push people away or not help

You are right that people only believe what they want. But that’s not the whole story.

I truly believe – actually, I know – if we took new age understanding and applied it – we would find a different ways – good intentions are not enough.

I mean think of it – you might intend for people to have a good time at your party – but you didn’t know and a guest didn’t know maybe either that they had an allergy to something and so they break out in hives – best of intentions – but ignorance of certain facts affects the outcome.

The thing I find is that people talk about creating a new world and getting rid of the elite but then they ignore the fact that these elite are everywhere and they are not going to give up their power easily. a

To defeat anything you have to know yourself and your ‘enemy’ and then some.

I’m suggesting this video and this approach – just get up there and tell the ‘truth’ is playing into the hands of the elite.


Well, it’s not just this video but a lot of activism type things.

Earlier this year I was involved with some monetary reformists – and they had the best of intentions too but holy cow – the way they present things – lots of big words – and complicated theories. I mean even when they ‘dumb it down’ from their perspective – trust me – it’s not simple enough for the ordinary person who’s just getting by living day to day – and ordinary people are people who want change too! Why are they constantly ignored?

It’s like that with this video you put up, by the way – good science, yes, - and quite easily understood – but then I know the ideas. I follow plasma cosmology by the way–here’s a linke from the electric universe – a subset of that theory
that’s why I know it’s all true about space and weather etc but I also know that plasma cosmology is not what NASA has followed – they are just starting – NASA IS BEHIND!!!!! (another frustration of mine – global warming wouldn’t have ever been an issue if we knew this stuff and it’s been out there all the time –developed by nobel prize winning scientists and totally ignored – elitism in academia)

Anyway, back to the monetary reformists. I tried to share some of what I thought and help consider different strategies – because when you consider all of the new age stuff with communication – new ideas emerge and there’s other opportunities and directions – but they didn’t get it – too invested in the whole activism/how do we change the world model we have which is basically just to stay the course and keep fighting yelling loud, get the word out to the press etc etc - and I got told I was watering things down.

And what did happen with all their good intentions to get out the ‘word’ – nothing. Well, actually something did happen and I’m sure you’ll appreciate this – the man who’s ideas I’m talking about is Hellyer – in Canada his ideas would be fantastic – it would really work to help to get rid of the monopolistic power of money creation that exists here..

But guess what, Moon, following the ‘traditional’ activist model he writes the PM and finance minister and that gets picked up by the press gallery – one teeny mention on their site that no one sees (ie no ordinary person) – but all of a sudden (I say with mock surprise) every where you look when you search his name on the internet – like say some ordinary person might if they wanted to know about his monetary reform policies – all you get in the search results are things about how he’s talking about aliens – he believes in ufos – is he crazy??? –things like that.

Coincidence – hah – no.

And in terms of spreading the word - all of a sudden – a huge learning curve becomes even bigger. Not only do people have to understand economics but they also have to understand that believing in ufos does not make you crazy. More time they don’t have to learn things that they have to weed through all the garbage on the internet to even understand – forget it.

And so who has it helped? No one. Just because of sticking to an old approach. Einstein said doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is crazy. I agree.

Thing is too, if you know the elite, you knew it would happen. I checked search results before the letter was sent and the press gallery got hold of it and then again afterwards. Before the letter – his monetary reforms were up there – first page – afterwards – nothing but stupid ufo article after stupid ufo article.

A huge learning curve -

So there is where my frustration arises – good ideas – all over – not taking root. Just because we’re doing things the same old way.

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