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Originally Posted by Freesia16
(1) I don’t believe Sitchin and others took/takeinto account the people in the past experiencing life differently – different dimensionsbeing part of their everyday. Sort oflike natives will talk about shamans visiting other worlds etc. and it sounds like 'real people'. It's not the same as real physical people - but it is real. If that makes sense.

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(2) As for the ‘left brain’. I thought you might be interested in adifferent interpretation of brain activity – it’s actually probably morehelpful, in my opinion.

I’m reading a book (Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind) at the moment that describes it as ‘d-mode’ and ‘undermind’.

* * *

(3) Sorry, I’m a pisces, . . .

Hello Freesia!

(1) Great observation! When you listen to the interview with Clow, you'll discover that this is one of her issues with Sitchin as well.

(2) This sounds like a fantastic book! I am adding it to my reading list. Thank you so much. Questions like this often come up in my continued yoga teacher training, so I can't wait to take a look at it myself.

(3) No worries, Pisces. I am an Aries with Leo rising--in other words, watch out!

Namaste from the Midwest,
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