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That preface of yours is a dissertation in and of itself! Or perhaps an abstract of a dissertation? I am not sure I am ready to return to Milton (even though it has been 20 years now), but I'll keep you in mind once the hankerin' strikes. I've been thinking of returning to some John Donne, however. Got anything on him?

You are right about English Departments (I haunted a couple or two in my academic career myself) and their lofty disdain for spirituality. I don't know if it is the academic who just cannot get out of the way of his or her own brain, but English departments are quite full of snobby atheists who will not even engage in a conversation about spirituality, which is so profoundly odd to me considering that literature and poetry are seemingly meant to bridge us to the subtleness of spirit, Love (whatever that means), and gods? Perhaps it is placing too much of a post-modern (or maybe even modernist) lens on the pursuit of academics even when studying periods like Medieval, Restoration, Renaissance, the Romantics (!!) that so beautifully yearn to explore the spiritual. And don't forget Americans like the Thoreau, Emerson, and Walt Whitman--hello?!

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