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Thanks for the explanation, Freesia. I think I understand what you mean, but I don't understand how it relates to the video, given by Suspicious Observer's. I did not read into, or feel that he was using the same energy, but he was, indeed, opposing that energy.... nor was he stating lies, or misinformation, for the purpose of personal gain. He stated scientific fact, then made his statement of deduction, regarding the political aspect, as if it were fact, but neither asked, nor hinted for anything in return, except that we be aware.

I agree that we need to realize that people of both sides of the political spectrum misuse and abuse their influence, but if I encounter what I believe is wrong, or evil, I will always take the opposite side of that cause and direction.

If someone tries to hit me over the head and steal my money, while telling me that it is my fault, for having money and being where I am, I will always take an opposing stand to what they are doing and saying. Likewise, for anyone who wants to tax the rest of us, for the air that we breathe, while jetting around the world, to solicit funding in order to acquire wealth and power from their false message of doom and blame, limiting the freedom of choice and independence, for the masses.

I believe that there are times when resistance and physical action, are mandatory to physical survival and mental and spiritual balance.

"Evil flourishes when good men do nothing." ~Edmund Burke~

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