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I have done some years as a vegetarian.....mostly in the late 90's early 2000's. I originally gave up meat because I was told that it makes your vibration heavy. So, when I started doing readings about 1997 I gave up meat so it would be easier to connect. It was not too hard for me because of my love for animals and I was not really thrilled eating most meat anyway.

Then one day while I was working my regular job at Disney, I smelled barbecue ribs cooking and I could not figure out why because there was no place around me cooking ribs. It was so compelling that on my lunch break I decided to eat some matter what they had to offer at the employee cafeteria. The only meat that looked good to me was spaghetti with meat sauce. So, I got that and with the very first bite I felt an electric shock go through my body. It felt really good and necessary. So, at that point I started to eat meat again. I only eat beef and turkey. I do not really like chicken or fish and I just do not eat pork either.
I will only eat meat about 5 days out of the week and only once a day. I feel rather sluggish if I eat meat at lunch and dinner both.

So, I agree with Brit....everyone's body is different and has different needs.
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