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If you'd like a signed copy of my Milton study, which I think you'd find insightful and fascinating, write me. I'll make you a deal. I'm sure you can also find copies on Amazon.

As you probably realize I'm certainly not opposed to truths wherever they are found. Often we are talking about the same--or very similar things--in our various approaches to Truth. In other words, Truth is Truth, wherever you find it. That's why we need meaningful dialogue.

I have several times approached universities around Denver with some course I'd like to teach which are literature based to help people get at these issues. DU was very interested in doing a joint program with an inner city organization. I want to pair up traditional university students with those coming from other backgrounds. 9/11 hit and all funding was frozen. Since then no one has been interested. Even the long-term President of the Colorado Medical Society said the Medical School would be very interested since docs need better training in the humanities.

I don't lecture much, only giving little talks when things need to be clarified and explained. But I do expect my student to read and discuss in a reasonable and civil manner.

It seems that many English Depts don't want to get involved in religious/spiritual issues, esp. in our current climate. All the more reason we need such course in my way of thinking.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I like counseling/coaching and writing, but I have lots to share on the literary front.
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