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Hi Steph,

Milton and Augustine are much wiser than people for awhile thought. Milton, as you probably know, was labeled as outdated and a terrible sexist. But he really isn't. For one thing he said that the woman should be head of the household if she were the more intelligent and godly of the pair. Eve is far better at intuitive wisdom than Adam who shines in more traditional reason. And so on.

The motion outward and downward is not toward earth but toward perversity, that is, twisting of the right patterns set out by God and shown in the relationship of the Father and Son, not only in Heaven but on earth--and to a lesser extent by Mary and the true Church--that is, all who truly follow God.

Milton separates the visible from the invisible--that is, true--Church, which intertwine and compete through time. All who remain in Communion--unity--with the Divine are members of the true Church. Those who do not--no matter how many rituals and pretenses they display are not. They follow the first perverter of all patterns--the original disuniter--Satan. They and he, according to Milton, will not suffer eternity in Hell but be dissolved, that God might be all in All, as 1 Cor. 15.28 promises. It's illogical, according to Milton, to think that fragmentation and disunity can remain.

The traditional Christian views are much closer to Buddhism than is commonly thought. Evil subsists rather than exists because only that which remains in God, who is the creator of all, shares existence. Evil is a sub-creation, following the sub-creator, Satan. One must look to the true patterns to see the distortions. It is not true duality, since all is based on a Monistic system.
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