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Hi Moon,

I don’t know how to express what I was trying to get across in my other post but I will try – we’ll see where this goes, ok?

What I’m saying is that the presentation of ideas in order to inform or educate is serving the enslavement despite the intentions of the creator to provide the information in order to help free us.

What we know of in terms of techniques, tools and methods for disseminating information; for educating people; for changing minds – those things have all been created by people whose intention was to enslave us.

So, simply put, if we use these tools and techniques then we can only hope to continue our enslavement even if our message is trying to warn about enslavement –

The methods were created by an energy that wanted to enslave.

In order to move forward and create a new world – a whole new path needs to be forged.

If we understand we create what we are – then by extention – what is – was created by what was – and investigating what that was leads to the understanding of why things have the results (or lack of results) that they do.

Along with this goes the understanding, as well, that we must face our shadows – everywhere – because they are energy and the subconscious energy at that – and this is what actually creates reality not the conscious intentions (another reason that things get muddled or ineffectual results).

If we do this – we move out of the energy of enslavement – that ‘matrix’ over us all – and we have a chance –

If we don’t – then we spend a lot of energy trying – good intentions – but the intentions are not supported by the actions we blindly follow.

Being blind as you pointed out, I believe, is a way of continuing to be a sheep.

So right there, the sheep energy is dragged with us in creating a new world. And that world will be the same world just different clothes.

Does this make any sense?

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