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Hey, darling Dreamer! HAHAHA! They have no idea what they are missing, indeed! LOL!

I have found that sometimes, books can only be read at the right time. It was that way for me, with "Stranger In A Strange Land." A couple friends tried to read "Stranger In A Strange Land" and could not get into it. I had no trouble getting into it, right away, even though, as with "The Hobbit," the first 1/8 or so, had to be glanced over, as barely, esential to the story. A few years ago, I tried to read it again, but could not.... So keep the book and try again, maybe it just wasn't the right time.

My mother read "Gone Girl" and was offended at how the town in the book, was described as depressed and not very seemly.... LOL, we had to remind her that the author was not discribing our town, but a fictional town, set on the banks of the Mississippi River.

I think they are supposed to finish filming, the middle of this month, but I'll let you know, if I get the call. HA!

Love you!
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