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Thanks for the clarification – I didn’trealize you had just been listening to the interview I mean shortly before Iasked the question – fun to get such a quick response .

I actually remember that comment youmention but not the whole interview so I’m going to listen to the interviewagain as soon as I can (quicktime audio issues on my part – dealing with a lotof tech at the moment very frustrating!)

I remember thinking though that the commentwas sort of mysterious – and got the impression they were saying like he was certainabout his opinion and wouldn’t really listen to alternatives. But I could be remembering or interpreting itwrong not to mention totally interpreting it wrong.

As to the ‘left brained’ definition/comment– I think more precisely for what I was trying to express the word ‘literal’would apply.

I don’t believe Sitchin and others took/takeinto account the people in the past experiencing life differently – different dimensionsbeing part of their everyday. Sort oflike natives will talk about shamans visiting other worlds etc. and it sounds like 'real people'. It's not the same as real physical people - but it is real. If that makes sense.

As well, there are things now like plasma eventsthat have happened in the past (plasma cosmologists just are starting tounderstand this) – that I don’t believe Sitchin considered either.(there's a story natives in the south west have about the Grand Canyon being created by a lightning bolt - sounds far fetched but then lightning is plasma - and interplanetary plasma bolts are possible under certain conditions - which is all sort of wow! when you think about it - ok, maybe that's just me!)

But, getting back to ZS (Sitchin) like I said, I haven’t read the bookthrough.

As for the ‘left brain’. I thought you might be interested in adifferent interpretation of brain activity – it’s actually probably morehelpful, in my opinion.

I’m reading a book (Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind) at the moment that describes it as ‘d-mode’ and ‘undermind’.

The fast brainis the pre-frontal cortex – runs on beta waves (both left and right sides – theright side doing this is like ‘brainstorming’ - ) – anything fast is thatprefrontal brain.

But as you probably know, we have more thanour prefrontal brain – it’s the smallest bit, actually – and the other partsrun on slower waves.

Both brains can be fallible – I don’t havethe book handy now but there’s a couple of little ‘experiments’ that show howwe can think and get misled in either way. Quite fun and fascinating in my opinion.

Society favours the d-mode/prefrontalthinking styles (fast styles like you mentioned) – but they aren’t always the best for any given situation. Still, without them we wouldn’t be humaneither J.

Sorry, I’m a pisces, I feel a bit sorry forthe oft-maligned pre-frontal or even left- brain. I don’t want society slipping into a medieval(pre-enlightenment) view of logic and reason and quick thinking always beingwrong – I mean the enlightenment happened for a reason! The undermind can get stuck and do stupid,superstitious things too.

Anyway, hope some of that made sense I'm not exactly editing well all for now.

Hope you have a nice weekend.

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