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Good points everyone. Some men do manage to develop too, btw.

As for the spiral, it's everywhere. See my publicist Geoff Ward's book, Spirals: The Pattern of Existence.

St. Augustine, the first and foremost framer of sign theory in the West, formulates it this way, "The soul turns upward in conversion with God, or downward in aversion." The motion is always spiral. You move upward and inward toward insight or downward and outward toward disunity, fragmentation, and dissolution with all that's perverse.

To get a good grasp of this very traditional Christian application of a universal truth, you might read my book on Milton, esp. the beginning--and then see how Milton employs it very creatively in his great epic poem, Paradise Lost.

My book is titled Perversions, Originals, and Redemptions in Paradise Lost.
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