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Hi Freesia!

Well, first of all, scientists DO know what weather is and they know that much of the cause of our weather comes from space. This is why weathermen who really, really study hard and get a degree, are called "meteorologists."

Global Warming is completely political. It was concocted as a political tool, for the express purpose of sheering the sheep and keeping them in line, by making people believe that it was caused by something that we are doing wrong and if you just give them enough money and give up just some of your rights, they, or rather "we" can fix it.

Carbon Trading..... It was the brainchild of Ken Lay, who bankrupted Enron and it will be used to sheer more from the sheep.... except that their political agenda is being ripped away from them, by the COLD hard facts....
Earth is cooling, scientists say...

Freesia, are you saying that we should not object to anyone who is working to use and abuse us?

There are ways of fighting these things, without doing harm to anyone, or creating negative energy. If we refuse to work for the ruling elite, if we refuse to give them our money and our labor, it won't be long before they have no one to control.

Yes, education is a good tool, but people will believe what they wish, or follow blindly, because they don't understand the reality. The anchors of politics and religion.... and belief systems do become set very deeply, within the human psyche.

If a blind person believes that an elephant's leg is a tree trunk, you will not convince him otherwise, until his consciousness becomes aware that his truth was in error of the physical reality of this Earth plane. He would quickly become aware, were the elephant to step on him.
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