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Hello. I was listening to the December 6, 2009 (which I believe was the second interview in the series) interview this morning. Sitchin is not in the title of the interview, but Shirley and Barbara jump right into discussing Sitchin and others I would say within about 15 or 20 minutes (maybe earlier) into the interview.

I am intrigued with your observation that Sitchin and the like are "left brain" folks (maybe that is why I devoured the book? Unfortunately (?), I've got quite the left-brain-educational background, but am aware of that "yang" in me and try to keep my "yin" in balance--I digress). I often found that when I was reading Sitchin, my left-brain kicked into questioning mode of his theories. But perhaps that was a left-brain (me) challenging another left-brain (Sitchin)?

In the interview, Shirley states to Clow, "You know how he [Sitchin] is or can be." Question: What did Shirley mean? Anyone know?

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