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No one knows what weather is. I mean no scientist let alone us 'mere mortals'.

I think it's terrible that global warming has become a political cause.

On both sides you have well meaning people - those who warn about the horrible taxes etc - and others who truly want to do something to save the environmental changes or mitigate the effects of climate change (eg flooding and infrastructure destruction) on humans everywhere.

The elite will use whatever works for them. So they use the left;they use the right.

If we want to move past it I think we need to think beyond sides. I found the video to be very us/them.

I ask you, SM, as a communicator (although I know you have a mercury in Aries so this might be a stretch ) do you think there might be another way that has yet to be considered to share information so that we can learnÉ

ok, my keyboard doesnèt seem to like punctuation but has gone all french - if you can work past that - what Ièm saying is - this video I know to have reality behind it - there has always been climactic shifts. I think even the last ice age happened in a warming period

Again no one understands weather.

So, what is the real issue weère talking aboutÉ

Politically, itès not just about taxes - but how is society meant to be run -in any personès opinion.

If I èfight the elite - then arenèt I just battling - and doesnèt that create more battles - when to fight when not to fight and then how -

I prefer educating people about the facts not just - Nasa says this the other guys say that and THOSE guys want to tax you so you should hate them.

This polarizes people - why should they trust Nasa when you can find any number of other peopel saying Nasa is not totally trustworthyÉ

In my opinion we need to move beyond this - any ideas
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