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Could you please clarify - is that December 6th or June 12th 2009?

I found 2 interviews with BHC but neither title related to Sitchin so I'd appreciate the direction.

I find Sitchin's work interesting in so far as he has documented some very strange things from the ancient past from looking at the tablets - like why do they mention 12 planets?

The assumption, of course, is, that we have always been part of this solar system - which isn't necessarily true.

And also, I find that he and others who look into the past are very 'left brained' for lack of a better word. Basically, it's more complex than that - they don't seem to 'get' how people create myths - how people communicate and talk. And so a lot of things are seen as 'fact' when they are mythological ways of speaking.

Most of the people who have liked this theory follow along with the 'reasoning' and it holds - but life isn't pure reason - isn't now wasn't then.

A lot of the 'new age' history stuff seems to be written by people with the same sort of background - men; economics oriented; and aside from all of that - Sitchin set out to prove the bible was true.

So that in itself is non-scientific. A true scientist is meant to observe and draw conclusions while being aware of their own prejudices. I think this is where Sitchin falls short.

But I digress. Would appreciate the date clarification. I'm in Canada and I know Americans use a different date system - I think it's day first - but I use both so I can't ever remember!

Thank you.
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