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Default To the Fall....

To enjoy the change of season here, you have to love rain. We will be getting lots and lots of it between now and Summer. But the trees this produces are so exquisite in Fall, every color of the rainbow and some that aren't. We get your usual yellows and reds, but we get the softest oranges and the tawniest browns.... every shade from pink to red to indigo. And all of it studded with evergreens. It is just breathtaking. I am so lucky to live here in Oregon. Thank you for this thread so I can appreciate it all over again. Love, C.

P.S. You haven't lived till you have seen the Oak trunks covered with soft green moss....

P. P. S. I really had to degrade this pic to make it small enough to post.... but it gives you an idea of the colors. And no, this is not one of the oak trees I am talking about. Those are OLD and HUGE.
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