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Default My third start at 65

12 years ago I discovered my soul mate.We are both married but have seen each other two weeks a year on the side every year.We both have been regressed and taken to different life times where we were together in some form.Not always lovers but sometimes brother and side mother son and lovers often.If you believe in the life between life as we do then you know what I'm talking about.We have also explored that as well and find we are in the same cluster.
You know I am not a rich man but I have all money can buy. A paid off house pool and hot tub gym.I don't say that to brag but make a point.When you meet that soul mate.You look at surrounding and say so what.
We are running away together next year by March it will disrupt two house holds but I can't help it.
this is when you wish you were rich.You could walk away and start another household.Your old mate would be hurt okay and her life not disrupted.Proably would even like it to some degree.
I cant tell anyone the reason behind all this they would lock me up.So I'm telling you.
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