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Cool the oatmeal diet of the stars

I discovered this by accident ,reading a book about vitamin and health.It is out there on the internet.A closely guard secret by the industry I am told.I am a weight lifting for 50 years now have a lot of people in the hobby that are more in the know I am.Anyway how I LOST 40 POUNDS.

Oatmeal is a soluble fiber ,when it goes into your body it turns into a gell and sites in your intestines.It absorbs acids bile and mi.The liver sends bile acids into your blood stream with cholesterol to help digestion.The oatmeal absorbs the bile acid along with its cholesterol.Thats how it lowers your count.But being crafty we eat another huge bowl for lunch.The liver says hey theres no bile acids in the blood stream.You haven't eaten any fatty food so it takes it from fat storage all over your body.It works better then lipo suckson.
Part two you take dhea a hormone you can buy at he drug store ,,sold in the us as a supplement but other countrys a drug.What this does is help produce male or female hormons in the body.Most people after 30 are down ward path in that department.This horman wiil tighten the skin in your body including your face and stomach.Not like surgery but pretty close.Also helps with muscle tone and if you work out,makes you look like Stallion.
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